Jimmy The Greek: An Early Martyr For The Alt-Right

In the 1980s, there was a man named Jimmy the Greek. He brought happiness to the American people, and helped Americans win billions of dollars with his picks for football games. He knew the lines, and had a record of unparalleled accuracy. Nobody called them better than Jimmy, and he was a national treasure.

Then he got destroyed. And why? Because he expressed a race realist sentiment that is considered common sense in most American homes. Watch the clip and see for yourself:

Jimmy was not a hatemonger. He did not hate the black people, far from it. He simply wanted equality. He wanted white people involved in sports. That is a sin. Nobody listened to the Greek and now affirmative action has put blacks in coaching roles that they are not qualified for throughout the sporting arena. It is hurting the quality of the games. In fact, the three coaches that have been fired from the NBA this year have all been black. The results speak for themselves.

As for his comments involving the Civil War and how blacks were bred, it is a scientific fact. Industrious whites wanted the best return on investment possible during the good ol’ days of the American Republic. In addition to housing and feeding their so-called ‘slaves,’ they also pushed the best breeding practices. As a result, blacks tend to be athletic specimens. All the black people who dominate sports to this day have whitey to thank! The steroid-pumped brutes of the NFL should be down on their knees thanking the white man instead of being ingrates, but I digress.

Jimmy the Greek did nothing wrong. He spoke candidly and honestly. It was for his candor that the American people loved him, but political correctness reared its ugly head. In 1988, it was just forming, and Jimmy the Greek was one of the first casualties of the movement that would become a plague. The vast majority of the public obviously agreed with him, but it was the handful of loud complaining assholes who screwed the Greek. He was fired, disgraced and never showed his face on TV again.

The Greek was a martyr for truth and race realism decades before the movement would take off. Later on, Don Imus would be crucified in a similar fashion for his hilarious “nappy-headed hoes” comment about the hideous hags of Rutgers women’s basketball who looked like they belonged in a jail yard. In this world, it is no longer safe for a white man to make a funny joke or even speak the truth about uncomfortable topics. Let us not forget Jimmy the Greek and his great sacrifice. He is dead now, but watches over us dutifully from white man’s heaven. Perhaps he could be named the Patron Saint of Shitlords.

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